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happy spine

Bringing health to New Zealanders through quality chiropractic care is our passion at Happy Spine. We have been of service to the Christchurch and Riccarton communities since 2000. Christchurch Chiropractors Dr. Jim Miller, Dr. Kim Sherwen and Dr. Rob Hutchings are here to help you get to the root cause of your health concerns.

Heal Naturally and Reach Optimal Health

Ready to feel your best? We’ll guide you towards your best health through chiropractic care and healthy habits to allow your body to heal itself and get you on the path to wellness.

We aren’t just interested in treating symptoms. Our goal is to remove interferences that impair your nervous system function. When your nervous system functions optimally, your body can function optimally.”

Dr Jim Miller


We’re Always Working With Your Spine in Mind

At Happy Spine our care is not one size fits all. “We’ll always choose the best technique to address your specific problem.

Our two primary techniques, Clinical Biomechanics of Posture and ArthroStim deliver safe, gentle adjustments to patients of all ages – even pregnant women and those who’ve previously had back surgery!

We are also open 6 days a week, to ensure that you’re able to get the care you need when you need it.

Have a Happy Spine! Give us a call today on 03 348 3536 to schedule your first appointment!