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Welcome to Happy Spine

At our warm and friendly chiropractic office, we look forward to getting to know you and your health concerns. If we can help you, we will!

Your First Visit

You will be warmly welcomed by one of our team members and given some paperwork to fill out. Completing the paperwork takes 10-15 minutes, so we recommend you come in 15 minutes early to fill it out. Once complete we will take a thorough history, including lifestyle stresses (traumas, repetitive movements and inactivity) and how it has affected your spine health.

We will take posture photos, perform a computerised nerve scan (thermograph), do a full spinal assessment and take up to four X-rays of your spine (if clinically necessary). The chiropractor will then talk you through your results and recommend a care plan to help you achieve your goals. We recommend you allow 60-75 minutes for this appointment.

Once we have completed the initial consultation, you have two options. The first is to start care then and there; the second is to take home the information to digest and process it and start care in the following days. For this reason, the adjustment is not included in the initial consultation and is a separate cost.

Reception-desk-chiropractor-nzOn your second visit, you will be given a swipe card and shown how to use it to register your arrival. We will also take your photo to put on your file and then show you to the table for your spinal adjustment. This appointment is a great time to discuss with your chiropractor any questions you had from your first visit and to let them know how far you would like to take your care.

After your spinal adjustment, you will go to front reception and book your following visits. Most people will pre-book the entirety of their plan at this time, so they get the appointment times that most suit them.

Adjustments typically take five minutes, but we recommend you allow 15 minutes for the entire experience. Typically you will have a few minutes sitting to unwind from your day. When one of the tables become free you will be called onto the appropriate table, and you will lie down to take the gravity of your spine.

After a few minutes of lying down, the chiropractor will come over and start your spinal adjustment. After your adjustment, we recommend a 5-minute walk to allow your body to better process your adjustment.

It’s essential that we check to see how you’re progressing. Based on your initial assessment the chiropractor will tell you when we should monitor your progress. If you are on a plan, these will automatically be booked in. During these checkups, we will re-assess subjectively how you are feeling symptom wise and objectively by redoing your posture photos, nerve scans and X-rays if required.

Want to Learn More?

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