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Happy Spine | Meet Our Team

Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr. Jim Miller

Jim Miller, Chiropractor in Christchurch

Jim Miller, Chiropractor in Christchurch

I was excited about starting at Logan College of Chiropractic, in St Louis, USA. However, I was more than a little skeptical that it would take me a full five years to learn to practice chiropractic. My youthful naivety was soon replaced by feelings of sheer apprehension. I was led for the first time into the dissecting lab by our anatomy and physiology instructor.

I was overcome by how much was expected of me and just how complex the human body and especially the nervous system really are. I spent the first hour of my chiropractic career wandering around the dissection table dazed and in disbelief.

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Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr Kim Sherwen

Christchurch Chiropractor Dr Kim Sherwin

Dr Kim Sherwen

I’ve always had a passion for helping people and seeing how chiropractic can change people’s lives. That’s why I decided to study Chiropractic at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

I am here to assist you and look forward to meeting you. My goal is to see how we can help you reach your optimal potential.

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Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr Rob Hutchings

Christchurch Chiropractor Dr Rob Hutchings

Dr Rob Hutchings

I was drawn to chiropractic as I became fascinated by the body’s innate ability to repair and perform optimally. It can do so when the spine is gently adjusted back to proper alignment.

Every day we see people suffering pain, discomfort and ill health. We empower them to find solutions to regain and maintain their health and vitality. Other clients generally feel pretty good. We help them get to the next level of health and wellness. In addition, we help them maintain a higher level of wellbeing and satisfaction with life.

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Technical Chiropractic Assistant | Jen



In her role at the practice, Jen loves meeting people. “I like helping them work towards living pain-free lives and optimal health.” She enjoys working with people of all ages and walks of life. It’s gratifying for Jen to work to help patients with problems they’ve had for many years and that they never thought chiropractic could help with.

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Chiropractic Assistant | Debbie Shaw



Deb became interested in working in the chiropractic field because she wanted to encourage and support people to help themselves through education and their commitment to wanting to feel better and move better.

“Our body can heal itself when we give it the right support, tools and environment to heal in.” Deb is passionate about preventative healthcare and wellness. She loves to be a part of changing lives naturally.

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Technical Chiropractic Assistant | Ari Neame



Before working at the practice, Ari was a patient. “I enjoy building relationships. With this job, I can put myself in our patients’ shoes with a great understanding.”
For Ari, the most fulfilling aspect of this job is the energy, the environment and feeling like she’s where she needs to be.

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Other Practitioners in our centre

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison Gallate MNZANLP, MNZAC

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison

As a Transformational Coach and Counsellor Alison loves working with people who want to live their best life more often.

She coaches people to be in the right emotional state at the right time, finds out what gets in the way of that and helps people to overcome it.

She has been coaching and developing people for over two decades utilizing a range of tools to promote lasting change. Alison brings a spectrum of leading edge modalities to sessions for her clients to utilise for their ongoing wellness and success.

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Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Lu became interested in acupuncture as she wanted to provide patients with holistic health solutions. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a mind, body, energy medicine. Her passion is helping patients reach their health and wellness goals.

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Christchurch Massage Therapist, Jayden Smith

Jayden is registered massage therapist and health and fitness professional with REPS New Zealand. He holds a national diploma in therapeutic massage therapy and certificates in personal training, fitness instructing, advanced Ssports therapy, craniosacral therapy, holistic pulsing and reflexology. His integrated knowledge of these combined disciplines’ allows him to have multi layered level of understanding of how our bodies function and enables him to treat clients with a unique style. Jayden specialises in chronic pain of the back, shoulders, neck and head. He also excels in massage treatment for various sporting athletes, pregnancy and holistic massage for the terminally ill.

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