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Happy Spine | Meet Our Team

Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr. Jim Miller

A car accident in my teenage years put me on the path to chiropractic.

Jim Miller, Chiropractor in Christchurch

Jim Miller, Chiropractor in Christchurch

Before the accident I was a great student, physically fit and enjoyed a normal healthy life. But after the accident, I suffered severe headaches, neck and back pain. I was very sleepy most of the time and found it difficult to concentrate. After a few months of these frustrating symptoms with no relief from conventional therapy, my mother took me to my first chiropractor. I was lucky that I had such a fantastic mother to introduce me to chiropractic and it was to be a turning point in my health and in my life.

My concentration returned and I gained almost complete relief from my pain within the first few weeks of treatment. I had a new found energy and life got increasingly better as treatment progressed. Unfortunately the insurance discontinued their payments and my mother was forced to cease my chiropractic treatment. Gradually, my headaches and aches came back… Read more about Jim »

Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr Kim Sherwen

Christchurch Chiropractor Dr Kim Sherwin

Dr Kim Sherwen

Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer and waterpolo player. Training 12+ times a week, I was burnt out and started getting sports niggles. I was dragged along to a Chiropractor by my mother at age 16 and I haven’t looked back since!

A chiropractor works with the nervous systems ability to control and co-ordinate every single function in the body. When that is not working properly you can not be performing at 100%. As a sports person, that rang true to me. Once under care, I started noticing my recovery time improved, I had more energy and had less and less sports injuries.

Having a passion for helping people and seeing how chiropractic can change people’s lives, I decided to study Chiropractic at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Read more about Kim »

Chiropractor in Christchurch | Dr Rob Hutchings

Christchurch Chiropractor Dr Rob Hutchings

Dr Rob Hutchings

Every day we see people suffering pain, discomfort and ill health and we empower them to find solutions to regain and maintain their health and vitality. Other clients who generally feel pretty good, we help them get to the next level of health and wellness and maintain a higher level of well being and satisfaction with life.

My personal favorite part of my job is to meet people who have been previously struggling in a certain aspect of life due to pain, discomfort or illness, then provide the best possible chiropractic wellness care and after a period of time, sit down with them and listen to how their life has improved tremendously as a result. Examples include parents who were struggling with pain and fatigue regaining their vigor and are now able to be active with their kids and friends; athletes who were either sidelined or struggling to stay in training and are now not only injury free but performing at a higher level, elderly people regaining the ability to be very active and healthy.

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Technical Chiropractic Assistant | Jen



My role is very diverse and rewarding. I gather and prepare information from patients, prior to the Chiropractors examining them. I communicate with clients and attend to the admin side of their visit in addition to all the work I complete behind the scenes for people to be well cared for.

I was so excited that it was possible to get to the source of health problems rather than masking them. I love the idea of a healthy spine = great nerve flow = great health and wellbeing.

I have young children who keep me very busy. When there is sunshine, I’m out in that, whether that’s in the garden or out having a cuppa.

I’ve worked for Happy Spine for about ten years (between having children)

I am very passionate about Happy Spine and sharing the benefits of a Chiropractic lifestyle.

Chiropractic Assistant | Debbie Shaw



I recently relocated from Nelson to North Canterbury for a new life adventure and I am thrilled to be part of the team here at Happy Spine.

My career path as a Chiropractic Assistant began in October 2017 when I joined a busy practice in Richmond/Nelson. I have always enjoyed helping people and encouraging them to want the best for themselves. Our bodies are communicating with us constantly we just have to learn how to hear them.

My role as a Chiropractic Assistant allows me an amazing opportunity to be of service to a wide range of people, and it starts with a big welcome and some gentle reassurance that we are here to listen and to help.

On a personal level I enjoy being active with Yoga and Pilates classes and my daughter has introduced me to her local Bottle Lake Forest where we spend some quality family time dog walking Aria a gorgeous Samoyed.

I look forward to meeting you and saying hi at your next appointment.

Technical Chiropractic Assistant | Ari Neame



What can I say, like some people who enter our clinic. Sceptical, intrigued but so confused as to how Chiropractic can help me.

To me, this was normal, the pain was normal and my body was normal. It wasn’t until one day, when I was lying on the floor at work, unable to move and in an unbearable pain that I got persuaded to visit the team at Happyspine.

From that very first visit, I have never looked back.

The information; visual and spoken, was so thorough, I was mind blown. It all made sense, so here I am today.

Passionate about my job, excited to spread the word and dedicated to give our clients the best possible experience we can provide.

Fast forward to now, I am more mobile than ever. Keeping my health and fitness in tact, by strength training weekly, eating a healthy balanced diet (with some sneaky treats) to fuel my body and provide it with nutrients and weekly chiropractic adjustments to keep me feeling and moving my best!

Other Practitioners in our centre

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison Gallate MNZANLP, MNZAC

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison

Christchurch Neuro Linguistic programming, Alison

As a Transformational Coach and Counsellor Alison loves working with people who want to live their best life more often.

She coaches people to be in the right emotional state at the right time, finds out what gets in the way of that and helps people to overcome it.

She has been coaching and developing people for over two decades utilizing a range of tools to promote lasting change. Alison brings a spectrum of leading edge modalities to sessions for her clients to utilise for their ongoing wellness and success.

Read more about Alison »

Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Christchurch Acupuncturist, Lucinda Miln

Longevity, Health and Happiness

Some of the values the Chinese and in fact I think we all hold close to our hearts are Longevity, Health and Happiness. Through learning and implementing into my own, my family and the lives of my clients the knowledge about balance in diet and lifestyle, every day I see the benefits we all have from this Traditional Holistic Medicine.

My Path To Holistic Healing

Prior to training in Traditional Chinese Medicine I was a Chef and Baker. After realising I wanted something more, I looked into a few modalaties, psych, ayurvedic medicine, a friend gave me a letter to an open day at the Ch Ch College of Holistic Healing. I had no idea what to expect and was completely grabbed by it… I had to know more. I flew into it completely blind and had not had any experience of it at all. It felt right…Read more about Lucinda »

Christchurch Massage Therapist, Jayden Smith

Jayden is registered massage therapist and health and fitness professional with REPS New Zealand. He holds a national diploma in therapeutic massage therapy and certificates in personal training, fitness instructing, advanced Ssports therapy, craniosacral therapy, holistic pulsing and reflexology. His integrated knowledge of these combined disciplines’ allows him to have multi layered level of understanding of how our bodies function and enables him to treat clients with a unique style. Jayden specialises in chronic pain of the back, shoulders, neck and head. He also excels in massage treatment for various sporting athletes, pregnancy and holistic massage for the terminally ill…Read more about Jayden»

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