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Christchurch Pain Relief and Wellness

Our Christchurch Chiropractors find that patients come to them for a variety of issues. At our Christchurch Chiropractic clinic we enjoy patients coming to us for help with your traditional spinal problems, like neck pain and back pain, but we also love to see patient who want to enjoy greater health & wellness.

Neck Pain

Dr Kim Sherwen adjusting patientDid you know that the average weight of an adults head is 5kg? Imagine having to carry a bowling ball around all day! Your neck and shoulders have to work very hard. Happy Spine has a proud history of producing excellent results with those suffering from minor or major types of neck pain.

Back Pain

There are two common causes for back pain. The nerve-rich facet joints on the back side of each spinal bone. The pain can be a sign these interlocking “fingers” aren’t moving correctly and the discs between spinal bones, trauma can cause the soft, pulpy material in the middle to bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves. Specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve spinal function. By restoring the way your spine works, discs and soft tissues may heal, nerve involvement may be reduced, pain can ease and better stability can return.

Postural Problems Relating to Poor Health

Good posture helps prevent chronic back and neck pain, or at the very least, reduces the severity of any pain that might be present. Poor posture may increase the likelihood of conditions such as chronic headaches, shoulder pain and other chronic illnesses. Chiropractic care helps restore your spine’s natural alignment to keep your nervous system that it protects, functioning correctly. Good posture helps you retain the benefits of your chiropractic adjustments and helps you feel and look better! Talk to us about ways to maintain good posture on your next visit. We’re only too happy to help!

People Who Want to Enjoy Greater Health, Wellness & Vitality

Optimising our spine and nervous system is the key to becoming all that we can be. Chiropractic care and other healthy habits create new possibilities in health and wellness. A growing number of people who want to be and do their best are visiting Happy Spine on a regular basis.

How Can We Help?

Ready to get started? To find out if we can help, please call our clinic to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue.



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