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Christchurch Chiropractors Frequently Asked Questions

As Christchurch Chiropractors, we are frequently asked many questions by new patients. At our Christchurch Chiropractic clinic, these are the ones that we are often asked…

Are you ACC registered?

dr-amy-ChiropractorYes! The surcharge is $43 per adjustment with the ACC subsidy (usual price $65).

How long will it take to get fixed?

Depending on the condition of your health & goals for care will determine the Doctors recommendations. Your Chiropractor will discuss this in detail

Are there other things I can do to fix the problem?

While exercises such as yoga & Pilates are encouraged and of great benefit often only chiropractic will address the underlying structural causes of the problem.

Will it hurt?

We use Arthrostim, which provides a gentle tapping sensation that specifically moves the bone effectively to gain relief. People are surprised at the gentleness of care.

What can I expect after an adjustment?

Each and every person is different but many people feel relief, a sense of well-being and ease in many areas, not just ‘where it hurts’!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call Happy Spine and find out what makes us stand out from other Christchurch Chiropractors!

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