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Happy Spine Goes Electric!

Happy Spine Goes Electric!

Many of you remember our iconic “Happy Spine Car.” It was detailed with our logo and was seen out and about all over Christchurch.

My son, who’s in high school, is very keen on the environment. He’s the inspiration for my latest transport project: converting a car with a petrol motor to an electric one!

It Takes a Village

Along with my mates, Peter and Chris, (one of whom has a degree in electrical engineering), I’ve been busy in my downtime trying to sort out the differences between the two types of motors. It hasn’t been an easy journey and there’s been a lot of head scratching, but in the end I know it will be worth it.

There are so many advantages to our electric model:

  • It only costs a couple of dollars to charge the car in the garage
  • The car will go and go on that single charge
  • The life of the battery is about 15 years
  • Electric cars in New Zealand are registration-free until at least 2017
  • There’s an almost non-existent carbon footprint

We are aiming to complete the project in July 2015. So keep your eyes peeled for the latest addition to the Happy Spine fleet in Christchurch!

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