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Virtual Telehealth Chiropractic Consults Available

During Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in the first week of April chiropractors were reclassified by the government as essential workers for emergency cases. 

Restrictions on seeing a chiropractor are still in place and likely will be as we move into level 3. 
To see the chiropractor in the practice, we are legally required to screen patients to ensure that 
a) they are in legitimate need of emergency chiropractic care
b) assess the likelihood of risk of Covid-19 exposure. 

Home Care

During the telehealth call the chiropractor will give you as much advice as possible for home care, such as specific stretches and exercises for your pain and level of mobility, rest, ice, heat or other home therapy.  We have been advised that we must allow time for home care advice to work before we see someone in the practice.

After we have allowed time for the home care advice, we will check in and see how you are doing. If you still still qualify for emergency care you will be able to be seen in the practice, where we are taking all possible precautions to reduce the risk of covid 19 spread. 

Available For Everyone

Telehealth calls are available for everyone, including non-emergency aches and pains. These are a great way to get on top of niggles and pains before it gets to emergency care. Often when a problem is not yet acute there are lots of things the chiropractor can advise on to either eliminate the pain, stop it spreading or give you strategies for managing it more effectively.

Via video calls, we can listen to what is going on, do a limited assessment if required, such as asking you to do certain movements and we can recommend and demonstrate stretches and exercises specific to you based on our discussion and assessment. Unfortunately, until further restrictions are eased we will not be legally permitted to provide hands on care, for non emergency cases. 


If you are eligible for ACC, teleconsults will be covered by ACC, so there will be of no charge to you. If your are not ACC eligible, it will be $40 for your consult, payable by online banking.  
If you do qualify for emergency care, hands on adjustments/treatments will be $66.

New Patient Consult Options

Option 1: Free 5min chat on the phone to see if chiropractic might be right for you. 

Option 2: If you already know you want chiropractic care, let us set you up for teleconsult with one of our chiropractors. This will be a 15-20min video consult going over your health history form, a functional assessment and posture check. This means we can give you some at home care advice specific to what is going on for you. Often this goes a long way to empower you to take charge of your pain or dysfunction  and know if you can care for your problem with home care advice or if you need the help of hands on chiropractic adjustments/treatments. The charge of this will be $59.  

If you still need hands on treatment, when we are allowed to see new patients in the practice you will be on the top of our wait list for new patient appointments. You will come in and we will do a hands on spinal assessment, posture photos, nerve scans and xrays to get an even deeper understanding of what is going on for you. The cost of this will be $120. After this assessment we will be able to do hands on adjustments/treatment at our normal rate of $66 or if ACC eligible $43.

Please Contact Us on 03 348 3536 to organise your Virtual Telehealth Chiropractic Consultation.



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