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Meet Dr Amy Morahan (Chiropractor)

A lifelong ambition

From a young age I always knew I wanted to have a job in the health field but never once thought about becoming a chiropractor. A love of science and a lot of personal experience with the medical profession made me want to be a doctor. As a child there was rarely a whole week where I wouldn’t be away from school sick and on antibiotics. I suffered from chronic tonsillitis and ear infections, asthma and migraines and caught every single bug that was going around. I just thought some people are more prone to things than others and that was just the way I was but I still considered myself healthy.

Once I finished high school I went to Otago university planning to go on to study medicine. The only thing I had ever wanted to do. It was halfway through my first year that I stumbled upon a stall for the New Zealand College of Chiropractic at a careers fair. Immediately it made sense to me. The nerves in your spinal cord coordinate every function in every cell of your body by carrying messages to and from the brain. If something isn’t functioning the best it can maybe that message isn’t getting there and changes to your spine could be the cause. I also liked that chiropractic is natural and doesn’t require external input to mask symptoms. The way I had been treating my health didn’t make sense to me anymore and within a week I had applied to the College and was planning a move to Auckland. Since I have started getting adjusted my life is so different. I stopped getting migraines almost completely and now I can get through an entire winter without even getting a runny nose. The most rewarding part of being a chiropractor is spreading the incredibly simple message of chiropractic on and seeing transformations as people begin to thrive.

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